Zombie Walk & Run

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There has been a recent uptick in zombie sightings in the city of Portland, Oregon. Despite modern science disputing the possibility for the undead to rise out of the grave and seek out the living for a brain meal, every October they can be found, in terrifying numbers, in Portland, Oregon. Worse than that, these are not lumbering, clumsy, mindless groaners. No, no, no! These zombies, in a terrifying turn of events, RUN!

Now, before you go packing your bags and moving out of the greatest city on earth, relax. It’s only the Zombie Run. The Zombie Run is an annual five kilometer race through downtown Portland. Participants may show up as zombies (your $25 dollar registration fee gets you a Zombie makeover, Zombie training, a t-shirt, a ticket to the after party and a bus ride to your zone). Your goal as a zombie, of course, is to go after humans and terrorize them respectfully.

If you choose to be the pursued, i.e., a living human being, your goal is to run from zombies and not have them pop your life balloon. If they do, it’s no big deal. You still get to the finish the race, go to the after party, and live to slay zombies another day.

Or, simply watch the fun unfold. Witness firsthand what a real zombie apocalypse might look like. Stay alert, though, as even fake zombies are interested in your brains. Watch from a safe distance.

In the words of the event organizers, “In a successful Zombie Run, everyone dies, but no one gets hurt.” After the run is finished, there’s a fabulous party with DJs, food, Zombie movie makeovers and delicious, brain-free food. The Zombie Run is a fun way to get some exercise and role play for an existence that in all likelihood will never happen. It’s also a great way to get to know not only your city, but also your neighbors and fellow citizens—living and undead alike.

The Zombie Run occurs every last Saturday of October. It provides fun, a little terror, a lot of exercise and a unique experience. Be sure to brush up on your Walking Dead and then mark your calendar and grab some friends for an experience unlike any other.

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