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Things to do near Portland
Mt. Hood

Ok. It’s a four day weekend. It’s going to be seventy-five degrees, with a little wind but no rain.

What do you want to do today?

There’s a big festival going on at the beach. Let’s grab the kids and the dog, hop into the hybrid and go. We’ll be there in an hour. It’ll be a little crowded at Seaside, but the kids won’t be bored.  Remember when we went there last winter? We had the beach to ourselves, and even though it was cold, it was still stunning. We gave the kids some money for the arcade while we walked hand in hand on the beach, through the fog. Today it’s nice and the dog can roam freely while the kids wade in the icy ocean. Afterwards, we’ll drive to Astoria and take a Goonies trek.  We’ll grab some fresh salmon and clam chowder and be home before dark.

What do you want to do tomorrow?

Let’s go for a hike. Mt. Hood has some great trails, and its close. Look! You can see it from our back porch! We skied there last winter and, even with all the snow, it was still a quick little trip up the mountain. Let’s grab the kids and the dog, hop in the hybrid and go.  We’ll be there in an hour.  The pine trees will give us shade while the dog wags his tail and jaunts ahead of us down the trail. The kids can lollygag and ask me about the flora and fauna. I won’t know the answers, but I can fake it.  Maybe we’ll see a deer. We’ll hike a mile or so, and then we’ll load back up. Everyone will nap restfully during the short trek home.

What do you want do Sunday?

Let’s go rafting.  Do you want to take a guided trip down the Deschutes? Maupin, in the high desert, is two hours away. We could make it a day trip and the kids will be exhausted from the effort.  Or if we want to go somewhere even closer, maybe we could just float down the Sandy, the Columbia, the Tualatin. We could pack a picnic and spend the day. We could even do Sellwood Park; it’s off leash and the dog can enjoy some freedom while the kids jump into the river and swim.

What do you want to do Monday?

We’ll be tired, the kids will be grumpy. We’ll need some us time. We’ll need some grown up activities, and maybe something that doesn’t require physical exertion. Let’s hire a baby sitter, hop the Max into downtown and take in a show and a brew. It’ll be fun and we’ll be home early enough to get some decent shut eye before work tomorrow.

It’ll be quite the weekend.

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