Westmoreland Neighborhood

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Often linked with the Sellwood neighborhood in Southeast Portland, (the two neighborhoods, in fact, are next door to each other and share a business alliance), Westmoreland , nonetheless has a personality all its own.  The neighborhood is young and hip and brimming over with more restaurants, bistros and art galleries then should be humanly possible in one area.

The neighborhood is relatively small, but is completely self-sufficient. Its close proximity to downtown makes it an ideal location for individuals whom work downtown but want to live a little farther away. With easy public transit and several main arteries in and out, travel from and within is a breeze.

The homes are classically Portland with large windows, sloping roofs and gigantic wrap around porches. The lawns are green, well-manicured and bursting with tulips, roses, and irises. While it’s mostly a young neighborhood (the median age is thirty-five) due to its proximity to Reed College and the fact that it’s an established neighborhood, you will find people of all ages and demographics residing here.

The housing is affordable and diverse. In addition to the large homes, numerous condos, bungalows and duplexes reside here as well. No matter where you live in the neighborhood, you’re within walking distance of any number of restaurants, bistros, grocery stores and medical clinics. The Corkscrew Wine bar, which lies on the border of Sellwood and Westmoreland , offers a weekly open mic featuring some of the best poetry and music in Portland. They also serve a pretty mean glass of wine.  Other bars and art galleries provide nightly entertainment at affordable rates.  Eateries and food carts provide food options from around the world. A night out in Westmoreland is diverse and culturally significant.

Westmoreland Park offers plenty of outdoor recreation activities… walking trails, dog parks, even a baseball diamond. Large pine trees line the quiet streets outside quaint antique shops and gluten free deli’s. As a green, environmentally conscious city, there are plenty of cyclists and numerous bike lanes and bike hitching posts. Traditional book stores and tea bistros provide peace and quiet in the hub of the neighborhood.

Mostly, though, Westmoreland is filled with friendly inhabitants and numerous housing and entertainment options. Its close proximity to downtown Portland and reasonable housing costs make Westmoreland a prime location to live in the Portland/Metro area.

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