Welcome to the Bite of Oregon

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This annual festival held in Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland, Oregon celebrates the foodie culture of Portland. From the gorgeous Oregon coast to the high desert of the eastern and southern part of the state, from the mountains extending in every direction to the innumerable forests and everywhere in between, Oregon is a land of diverse and delicious cuisine. The Bite of Oregon strives to bring these foods to the discerning taste buds of Portland, Oregon and serve them up with a side of music, beer and wine.

Every mid-August (this year, 2013, the festival runs from Aug. 9-11) food lovers from all over the great Pacific Northwest descend upon the gorgeous park, with stunning views of the Columbia River, of Mt. Hood and of cherry blossoms in full bloom, and gain access to some of the finest eateries and chefs in the world. From the Iron Chef, to meals catered for the kids, to gluten-free, vegan, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Greek and good ole American Barbecue, no food group or food preference is neglected. The five dollar admission (Free for kids twelve and under) gives you access to the wonderful people of Oregon and the art, food and music they create.

Come hungry! Like Costco at lunch time, free samples abound. One could easily get their fill of all manner of cuisines without spending a single red penny. Platters of secret seasoned fajita meat, bits of gourmet gluten-free bagels, a slice of fried chicken, refried beans with enough flavor to explode your taste buds—the Bite of Oregon appeals to all and is quick to pass around free snippets of their culinary wonders. There is no reason not to experience the Bite. We all need to eat to survive and sometimes, in a city and state so rich with culinary options and highly regarded eateries, we don’t know where to go to satisfy that hunger. Heck, maybe you want to do your own cooking and need some new marinades or recipes. The Bite can help you here too. Numerous local chefs and food artists are quick to offer up samples and bottles of food seasonings, rubs, marinades and unusual cooking combinations, tips and tricks.

Where else can you gather amongst the beauty of the city of Portland, Oregon and its friendly and sophisticated inhabitants while discovering and rediscovering food to tickle your taste buds, conversation and tunes to tickle your ears, and art to tickle your eyeballs? Nowhere but the Bite of Oregon.

So, come on down to the Bite, grab a fajita, grab a gyro, grab a bratwurst and kraut, sit down and listen to some tunes. Find out who is going to be named The Bite of Oregon’s songwriter of the year. Find out who is going to be crowned top chef in Oregon. The Bite of Oregon is all about awarding creativity, filling bellies, and broadening culinary scopes. Be sure to come down with the family and enjoy a mid-summer festival unlike any other. Discover firsthand why the Bite of Oregon is one of the top tourist and local destinations in Portland, Oregon.

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