The temperate climate of Portand, Oregon

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Living in the temperate climate of Portand, Oregon and its surrounding suburbs provides a benefit not many talk about. Not only do we experience all four seasons in their entirety, rarely do we experience the extremes found in other regions of the country and the world. In winter, we get just enough snow that we actually enjoy it and spend time in it. In the summer months, while we get warm weather, rarely does it get uncomfortably hot and, on those few days when it does, we take full advantage. We don’t take the sun for granted. We spend time in the water and bask in the heat. We water ski, we wind surf, and we lounge on sandy beaches and around community pools.

In some places, such as the mid-west, the winter months are so dreadfully cold and snow and ice packed, that the citizens don’t enjoy them. They complain. They sit inside and wait for the roads to thaw. However, in Portland, Oregon, we embrace the few snow days we have. It’s a social event, complete with sledding, hot chocolate, school closures, and friendly conversations with the neighbors.

In places like southern Nevada, Arizona, Florida and California, the sun and heat are taken for granted. The sun is a constant companion. If you miss a day of fun in the sun, it’s no big deal.

Not here in Portland. The sun is our friend from out of town. When the sun comes out we hike, we swim, we play in the park, we picnic, and we get to know our neighbors. We bask in our Vitamin D fix.

That’s not to say it’s dreary. Portland, Oregon is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The weather is moderate here nearly all the time. Count on temperatures between the mid 40’s and mid 70’s almost year round. It’s comfortable. It’s nice. It’s pleasant. The moderate temperatures allow you almost year-round access to the many activities available. Our ski season runs from October through April, hiking is available year round, the beaches are close, there is ample outdoor restaurant seating around the city, Portland’s Saturday Market and Hillsboro’s Downtown markets, food carts… you name it. The moderate climate of the Pacific Northwest and Portland has equipped the city with innumerable entertainment options without extreme heat or cold.

A dependable and easy-going weather pattern is just another reason why Portland, Oregon is a tremendous place to live.

Photo compliments of John Blackard.

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