The Pixie Project

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Congratulations on your new Portland, Oregon home! You have some new furniture, a new garden, and all new kitchen appliances. You have the kids registered for school, all the fine restaurants mapped out, and a growing list of activities that you’re going to attend to help you get to know your city in a flash. As you get to know Portland, you realize that dogs and cats are everywhere. Dog parks, doggie daycares, canine (and feline!) spas, even dog friendly restaurants—you can’t go anywhere without being confronted by adorable four-legged critters.

So what do you do? Do you head down to the local pet store and buy a pet? No. You decide to adopt and one of the finest pet adoption agencies is the non-profit, Pixie Project. The Pixie Project is located near the Rose Garden and the Expo Center at 510 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.  Portland, OR 97232.

But, with all of the adoption agencies to choose from, what makes The Pixie Project so special? They don’t just accept your check and hand you a pet. They also provide pet owner education, sell a variety of pet care products that you cannot find anywhere else, and also provide low-cost pet neutering and spaying and veterinarian services. Adopting your pet is only the first step. Caring for your pet is a responsibility that pet owners have for the life of their pet. Pixie Project understands this and makes it possible.

Pixie Project also gets many of their animals from other shelters… animals which may otherwise become victims of overcrowding and euthanasia.

Walking into Pixie Project, you’ll see a plethora of pet food, toys, leashes, etc. for sale and 100% of the proceeds go back into serving the homeless pet population.  On one of the walls is a display for Fetch, a small designer eyewear company in Portland that has big heart— “Fetch Eyewear has pledged to donate all profits to the Pixie Project to improve animal welfare through rescue, veterinary care and education.” The artistically beautiful and trendy eyewear is displayed and visitors are encouraged to try it on.

You’ll also see the cattery—a room dedicated to kittens and adult cats awaiting adoption. Feel free to come in and snuggle these adorable fuzz balls. Even if you’re not ready to take them home, they are ready to loved and be loved and it can be a cathartic way to spend part of your day.

While there are many fine animal shelters—the Humane Society, Bonnie L Hays, etc.—Pixie Project is a true nonprofit and a unique adoption agency which is very Portland and quite committed to pet care, even after the adoption is finalized.

If you’re looking for a dog or cat to complete your new household, adopting a pet from the Pixie Project is an excellent choice.

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