The Lincoln Neighborhood in Vancouver

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Let us not forget that just over the Glenn Jackson Bridge, mere miles from Portland, Oregon, lies Vancouver, Washington, which boasts affordable housing, plenty of great stores and eateries, fine schools and convenient access to both Portland and Seattle, Washington.

Vancouver provides a healthy mix of rural, urban and suburban neighborhoods and has many of the same eccentricities and subtle nuances that make its neighbor to the south such a wonderful place to live. Vancouver, with its lush greenery and myriad of tree varieties and stunning flowers, is adorned in natural beauty, affixed within a city landscape.

With so many neighborhoods to choose from in the city of Vancouver, which one do you pick? There are many good options, but one up and coming neighborhood is the Lincoln neighborhood. Primarily residential, Lincoln is known for its architectural variety, cultural diversity, fine schooling and its warm and inviting residents. The neighborhood is well-established and financially stable. Many new families and single individuals live here, mingling with the elderly, the Baby-boomers and the college students. Here is a sense of community for individuals and families of all types to enjoy the area and each other.

There’s no shortage of trees here, as they line almost every street. A stroll through this neighborhood, past grocery stores, past Discovery Middle School, past Lincoln Elementary, past Hidden Park, playgrounds and soccer fields, will reveal children riding on bicycles, couples walking with their babies or dogs, and retirees tending to their gardens or sitting with a book on one of the long porches that are a staple of the homes here.

Whether you’re looking for a newer home, such as those found in Columbia Crest, a fun fixer-upper or a cozy, well-established home, the Lincoln Neighborhood has it all. If quiet suburban streets, friendly neighbors, astounding natural and architectural beauty and all the conveniences of big city life in a compact package are your thing, then the Lincoln Neighborhood in Vancouver is the neighborhood for you!

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