The Highland Stillhouse Scottish Pub

You can get a flavor of Ireland in downtown Portland, Oregon at Kell’s Irish Pub. Kell’s offers authentic Irish cuisine and music every night of the week.  If you want to see another country in the UK without packing your bags and purchasing a costly plane ticket, you can simply drive east to Oregon City, the oldest city in Oregon.

The Scottish Highland Pub, on the outskirts of Oregon City, just a few minutes from Portland, is a three story, European style pub overlooking the mighty Willamette River while offering stunning views of Mt. Hood and the lush hills of Lake Oswego. The Scottish Highland Pub boasts the largest selection of single malt scotch in the area, a full food menu and a structure literally shipped over from the United Kingdom, piece by piece, and assembled on site.

That’s right. Like the Crystal Ballroom in downtown Portland, the Scottish Highland Pub has found new life after being left for dead in its native land. The Pub now sits on lush green hills, and is built to the exact specifications as the original structure in Scotland. It is three stories tall with dark wood walls, narrow hallways long tables and bars on every floor. The food is out of this world tasty, offering both American fare and traditional Scottish dishes, and the Pub serves as one of the havens for soccer lovers the world over.

On any given day during soccer season you can catch the world’s finest soccer matches with the world’s most diehard fans in one of the area’s most unique pubs.  Whereas most Americans don’t get the appeal of soccer and prefer American football, many patrons of the Scottish Highland Pub live and breathe it.  It’s eccentric, one of a kind and fun—like you would expect from a Portland area business.

The narrow hallways, creaking twisting staircases, boisterous patrons, fish and chips and the fine section of ales will make you feel like you’re on a European vacation in a European pub; mainly because you are.  This is the basic appeal of the Scottish Highland Pub.

Because it lies in the suburbs and not in the city itself, even many lifelong Portlanders don’t even know about this pub, but they should. After one walks in and hears the friendly chatter, sees the coat of arms and takes a whiff of the culinary goodness of the cuisine, they will want to make this a frequent destination. And, don’t worry if you have kiddos. The kiddos are allowed to walk through the bar and be seated in the scenic (and covered) outdoor seating section.

The Scottish Highland Pub is an underrated little treasure in the Portland/metro area. They are open every day but Monday. Stop in and get your European grub and soccer fix on.

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