The Grotto

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Grotto ChristmasIn today’s hustle and bustle society, sometimes all you really want is a place to get away. A place for some peace, quiet and serenity. A place where you can sit or walk quietly, surrounded by beauty, and simply… be. In today’s penny-pinching environment, it can be hard to get away. You can’t shell out big bucks for a spa or a well-deserved vacation. Thankfully, Portland, Oregon has The Grotto.

The Grotto, the more casual and everyday name for The National Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother, is a sixty-two acre Catholic shrine and botanical garden. It is an open area populated by fir trees, rhododendrons, roses and other native plants and the sole purpose is simply to provide individuals with a place to meditate, a place to reflect, and a place to unwind from the hub bub of the world and make spiritual connections. The best part? You don’t need to plan a vacation to go.

The Grotto is located just minutes from downtown Portland and the grounds are open from nine am until dusk. The gift shop—from which the majority of the Grotto’s operating funds are acquired—is open from 9 AM until nine PM.

With over two hundred thousand visitors annually, the Grotto caters to individuals of all faiths who want to simply get away from it all and enjoy some peace, quiet and solitude for a time. The Grotto “[S]trives to provide a welcoming presence and a beautiful environment conducive to peace quiet and spiritual inspiration… The Grotto endeavors to serve all people.”

Even if meditation, solitude and spiritual awakening are not your thing, The Grotto offers stunning, unique beauty and world renown art for all. At the center of the Grotto is a rock cave sliced into the base of a 110 foot cliff. The center of this cave houses a life-size marble replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta. The Chapel of Mary and visitor center are also architectural marvels, providing awe-inspiring beauty that can be appreciated by all lovers of art.

The Grotto also welcomes business meetings in a serene setting, religious retreats and even community workshops.

The Grotto provides something you cannot always find in the busyness of the city and the technology obsessed modern world. It offers peace, quiet, solitude and moments for reflection. The Grotto can be your spa retreat, your way to unwind and break off from the real world. So, next time, after a hard day at work or a long weekend of running the kids around, take the trek out to the majesty of The Grotto and enjoy some peace and serenity.