Spicer Brothers Produce

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Like many Portland, Oregon parents, I’m fortunate. My kids love fruits and vegetables. Those battles I see on television—Brussels sprouts being fed to the dog, tantrums preceded by bribes to eat all your peas and carrots and then you can … Continued

Thanksgiving in Portland

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Portland, Oregon is known for the way it bands together and unites the community. At no time is this more evident than during the holidays. The Kenton neighborhood in North Portland does this every year with their annual Thanksgiving Day … Continued

Flying Pie Pizzeria

There may not be a kid alive who doesn’t like pizza; it’s also a popular choice for most adults as well. Pizza is one of those things that is just plain hard to mess up—yet equally difficult to do well. … Continued

Beast & Naomi Pomeroy

It’s always fun to see our little section of the world here in Portland, Oregon get recognized on a national stage; when it’s represented for its foodie culture, that’s even better. So when I saw Naomi Pomeroy compete on Top … Continued

Ardiri Winery & Vineyards

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Many folks don’t know that the state flower of Oregon is the Oregon Grape. With our love and appreciation of the grape, it is no surprise that we have many wineries in and around Portland, Oregon—wineries which rival those of … Continued

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