Skyline Restaurant – Bugers & Shakes

Drive up the circuitous Old Germantown Road from Hillsboro or St John’s or up Burnside from the downtown, merge onto Skyline, past miles of lush forest, breathtaking views and the luxurious homes of the Forest Heights and Skyline Ridge neighborhoods, and you’ll come across an old fashioned diner—Skyline Restaurant.

Always packed with hungry patrons, this place is a blast from the past. Even though it lies up in the West Hills, it’s very centrally located. Whether you’ve just spent the day at the Zoo, or live downtown, in St Johns, or in any one of the outlying suburbs, Skyline is a nearby and highly recommended eating location.

My wife and I came here for an old fashioned date. In fact, she wore a poodle skirt and put her hair up in pig tails and I wore blue jeans with a white t-shirt tucked into them, sleeves rolled up and hair greased back.  We looked the part and the diner accentuated this.

Inside, the numerous patrons scarfed down delectable food and talked with excitement about their summer plans. My wife and I took a booth seat and ordered two cheeseburgers, a basket of fries and a malt to share. As we waited for the food, we imagined ourselves as our parents taking their respective dates to similar diners back when a 50’s style diner was simply known as “a diner.” We thought of the early rock-n-rollers, of Buddy Holly, of Billy Haley and the Comets and of all the other fine rock-n-rollers of a by-gone era. We imagined poodle skirts, and the twist and the Mashed Potato. We imaged a life without cellular telephones, without computers, without color television. We imagined a life where you actually got to know your neighbors and where diners and dance floors were meeting places, not chat rooms and message boards.

Yes, Skyline Restaurant took us back to simpler times, and then the food came and we were taken even further back. The food tasted nostalgic. It was fresh and clean and simple. We ate in silence, occasionally dabbing mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup from our faces, and just smiled and chewed. When it came time to pay for our food, we felt like we were paying fifties prices as well.

This little treasure of a diner was worth the short jaunt up a windy road. It’s no wonder it’s such a popular and historic destination. The food, the atmosphere and the company all make this a perfect place. Skyline Restaurant in Northwest Portland offers yet another reason to call Portland, Oregon home.

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