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Let’s face it,

There are no good reasons not to live in Portland, Oregon. The weather is nice, the scenery is beautiful, the outdoor activity options are plentiful, and the housing is affordable.  The roads are well maintained and easily maneuverable and the public transportation system is a comfortable, well-oiled engine.

But there’s another reason often overlooked—no sales tax!

That’s right, buy whatever you want. Buy some snazzy outfit in the Pearl District, buy some local art in the Alberta Arts District, dine on some fabulous cuisine in the Alphabet District and pay the price on the sticker…or less (we love to haggle here in the Rose City)!

Not having a sales tax enables me to go to the store, buy some socks, some shirts, some apples and some toothpaste, and know exactly how much I owe the merchant. The price is on the tag and there is no need for rudimentary, crude and quick math in my head to figure out the purchase price. There’s no shell shock when I make my purchases and find that I actually owe more than expected. No sales tax saves money and saves the headache of being confused.

So, when my wife wants to go shopping, I’m more willing to hand her the check book. When I’m purchasing something with cash, I always have enough. When I step over the border to Washington, however, I’ll often purchase something from the dollar menu at a fast food joint. I’ll hand them the dollar only to be told that I owe then $1.08. I don’t have eight cents; I have a dollar and, now, I also have an ounce of annoyance.

No sales tax is why many residents of Vancouver, Washington make weekly treks to Portland, Oregon for their groceries, saving them hundreds—maybe even thousands— of dollars over the course of a year, while strengthening the economy of Portland, Oregon, adding yet another reason why you should make your home here.

But you really feel the savings from sales tax when you make a major purchase, such as the purchase of a home or car. Sales tax can often make these big ticket items unaffordable and unattainable. Having no sales tax helps more and more people in Portland, Oregon attain the American dream of home ownership.

So why look for a home across the river in Vancouver? Why take your hard earned dollars and spend extra over there when you can live here in Portland, which has everything you need, and keep a little extra money in your pocket?

I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a few extra bucks. Living in Portland allows you to have that few extra bucks.

Just one more reason why Portland, Oregon should be your home.


By: Justin Price

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