Portland – Which Way Is Up?

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Portland – which way is up?

It is pretty darn tough to get lost in Portland. There are some very distinct geographical markers that divide the city into Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest quadrants. In your mind’s eye – picture a compass. In Portland, the Willamette River runs North and South and Burnside Street runs East and West. Another great reference point is Mt. Hood – you know, that huge volcanic mountain seen from our City? It is due East. So, lets say you are driving around in Southeast Portland and suddenly can’t recall which direction to drive to get back downtown……Find Mt. Hood and drive AWAY from it – crossing over any of the bridges that cross the river and – BAM! You are there!

Within the Southwest, Northwest, Southeast and Northeast quadrants – there are over 95 distinct neighborhoods – each with their own architectural flavor and demographic. We will be running a series of articles for a few of those neighborhoods – soon!

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