Portland Saturday Market

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It’s March. The weather is nicer, the neighbors are slowly coming out of hibernation, sweaters are being replaced by t-shirts, and jeans are magically turning into shorts. In short, spring is here and with spring, comes the reopening of Portland’s Saturday market (which actually runs Saturday and Sunday)!

Portland’s Saturday Market is an open air market offering art, food, entertainment, clothing, and other goods. It runs from March through December and is located at Waterfront Park in downtown Portland, Oregon. This giant farmers market is a fun destination for Portlanders and tourists alike.

I like to hop on over to the Saturday market with my dog. It’s good for her to socialize with other canines; a day at the market excites her, tires her out, and gets both of us exercise. There are so many dogs here and she wants to make friends with all of them. We walk by the Skidmore Fountain, which at one event was filled with beer from the nearby Weinhard Brewery. We mosey over to the food area and get a nice Gyro, which I eat under a tent.

When I’m finished eating, I walk by the hot sauce booth and get some free samples. My face turns red and sweat pours down my face as I smile and pretend it doesn’t burn like the dickens. I do this every time, always with the same result.

We walk by a booth and my dog spots a dog toy covered in brightly colored material.  Before I can stop her, she grabs it in her mouth and shakes it. She’s startled by a rattling sound. It’s filled with beans. Of course I have to buy it for her; who can say no to those brown eyes? Later, I spot a booth selling funny t-shirts and three booths down, I see handmade wind chimes. I buy a t-shirt for me and a wind chime to surprise my wife with later. I stop by the beer garden for some locally made, hand crafted brew.  I drink it slowly, savoring the bold flavor, looking out over Waterfront Park and across to the east side. Mt. Hood stands in the distance. I can see OMSI. Kayakers, boaters, and tug boats, all sharing space in the vast Willamette River.

I finish my beer and walk around some more, spotting a knife juggler and a group of hacky sackers. I play some homemade board games before closing out my day by grabbing some gourmet caramel corn for dessert. I shouldn’t have it, but, with all this walking and exercise, I’ve more than burned off enough calories.

We walk back to the car and arrive home a short time later. My dog is fast asleep, and I am happy and relaxed after another great day at Saturday Market.

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