Portland Fall Gardening

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With the prevalence of chemicals and the uncertainty that is often associated with our food supply, more and more people are turning to gardening as not only a hobby, but also a way to ensure that the food they are giving to their families is nutrient rich and free of chemicals. Gardening serves aesthetic purposes as well; there is nothing quite like going out to your backyard and/or looking out your window and seeing beautiful rose buds and tulips that you cultivated.

The temperate climate of Portland, Oregon lends itself to the production of glorious flowers and lush fruit and vegetable plants. Many residents of this spectacular city proudly refer to themselves as “urban farmers”. Living in Portland offers the best of both worlds—exciting city living and the space and good weather needed to do some serious gardening. So what are some plants that are popular amongst the locals? Here are a few:

Jalapenos. These medium heat desert peppers can thrive here… especially in the summer months. They need to be planted in nutrient rich soil in a draining pot, receive as much direct sunlight as possible, and be watered a few times per week. I like to use coffee grounds to add nutrients to the soil. Not only are these little peppers delicious and versatile (eat them raw for some heat or cook them down for a sweet and spicy treat) but, the little white flowers from which the peppers grow are quite pretty to look at.

Kale/Spinach/Lettuce. These highly nutritious leafy greens love the wet weather of Portland, Oregon. They thrive in these moderate climates and the result is delicious and nutritious greens that are free from carcinogenic chemicals and pesticides. Watch these babies grow and then use them in salads, dehydrate them into chips or sauté them with a little butter and pepper. You can have a bundle of health right on your patio.

The types of fruits, vegetables and flowers that can thrive in Portland are endless. But what is being a farmer without having livestock?

Wait a minute—livestock? In the city? In Portland, Oregon the answer is yes. Goats and chickens are some favorites of local urban farmers. These creatures provide us with milk, eggs, meat and even natural fertilizer for our plants. Most neighborhoods in the city, including the Alberta Arts District, allow for small livestock. So, why not complement your new home by adding in a garden and a few critters? You won’t be sorry, and you can do it in Portland, Oregon.

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