Overlook Neighborhood in Portland

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The Overlook neighborhood is located in the north section of Portland, Oregon on the east shore of the Willamette River. Many areas of the neighborhood offer views of downtown Portland and the River.

Overlook is a well-established neighborhood filled with unique, vintage bungalows and nostalgic craftsman homes. You will also find jaw-droppingly beautiful, custom built luxury homes with panoramic views of the Portland/Metropolitan area. There are newer condos that offer sustainable and cooperative options for close-in city living. Long-standing homes, luxurious mini-mansions and condos create a harmonious neighborhood that has something to offer everyone, whether your proclivities are urban or suburban, or somewhere in between.

In addition to the wonderful homes here, Overlook offers numerous attractions. A peaceful jaunt through the neighborhood will take you past the Historic Overlook House.  Because of its astounding beauty, the home is a frequent host to weddings and receptions. Additionally, many business and town meetings take place here. The house, a brick and stucco Tudor built in 1927, resides on more than an acre of impeccably landscaped grounds and boasts stunning views of the Willamette River and the West Hills.

Catering to Portland’s art and music community, the IFF/Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center is a music arts and production venue that is located in Overlook. Offering programs for children and adults in music, dance, theatre and more, the IFCC/Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center places a special focus on cultural events which celebrate diversity, enhance communication and encourage and empower artists. This is just one bonus to this neighborhood, and a glimpse into its values.

Additionally, the neighborhood offers a no cost tool library, allowing you to borrow a tool, instead of buying one, for those emergency and/or routine repair jobs on your home.  There is also the Friends of Trees program, in which Overlook residents have planted over one thousand trees in eleven years.

Do you like to eat? I thought you might. No shortage of good eats and quality grub here. Mexican, Thai, seafood, American food, vegan, vegetarian…you will find it all here, most of it within walking and/or MAX/Trimet bus distance. You’ll never be lacking for a quality meal when you’re hanging out in Overlook.

Overlook is very big on sustainability, constantly looking for ways to preserve resources and help the environment. It is home to O-Nest, the neighborhood sustainability team, which supports the residents by providing information that improves livability and sustainable practices, ensuring that the resources we enjoy today will be here for our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

Speaking of children, Overlook offers fine schools, and plenty of them, keeping classroom sizes down and transportation to and from relatively easy.

Make sure not to overlook the Overlook Neighborhood when searching for your next home; it’s a gem of a find.




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