Orenco Taphouse

There are numerous advantages to living in Orenco Station, a neighborhood in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Hillsboro. The homes are amazing and affordable, and it’s nearby to Intel and other thriving corporations helping to ensure financial security. Doctors, grocery stores pet stores, parks and restaurants are all easily accessible by car, foot and bus. The neighbors are friendly, and the vibe is urban without being overly so.

However, it’s not near any micro-breweries. That’s where the Orenco Taphouse comes in. This tap house is brand spanking new and located right off the MAX line in Orenco Station. They serve beer and wine and offer pub mix or popcorn on the cheap and also allow you to bring in your own food if you’d like. With twenty rotating taps and pints, flights and growlers (to go) of some of the finest craft beers the state has to offer, Orenco Taphouse is serving the needs of the discerning beer drinker who happens to make his home west of the city.

The building which houses this new establishment is sleek, modern and clean. Walking into the small building, you’ll notice brick walls, a wide bar, and a few flat screen televisions. Large windows allow you to look out on the glorious Orenco Station neighborhood while you relish a frosty beverage. Above the bar is an electronic listing of the brews on tap that day, with colored mugs on the display to indicate how much of each beverage remains. If the drink you’d like is nearly out, you better order! But, if you miss out, don’t worry. With twenty beers on tap, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy. Try something new. They’ll offer you as many tasters as you want until decide which beers are for you.

Orenco Taphouse cares about what you want to drink. Via social networking, they allow you to put in requests for specific brews that you’d like to see. Since they don’t brew their own beer, they are free to have all manner of beverages. Stouts, IPA’s, ales, lagers, hefeweizens; whatever suits your fancy…and no visit is ever the same. The Taphouse is a true testament to the brewing power of Portland, Oregon. With more breweries popping up every day and new varieties being thought of by creative brewmasters all around Portland, Oregon and the rest of the state, the Orenco Taphouse will promise a new beer drinking experience each time you visit.

For those living in Orenco Station and nearby downtown Hillsboro, it’s nice to now have a close venue to experience all of the beer options the Rose City has to offer. Orenco Taphouse seeks to be your neighborhood bar while providing the opportunity for suburbanites to drink like they’re city folks and then walk safely home.

So, if craft beers and conversations are your thing, stop by the Orenco Taphouse. You won’t be sorry.

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