Orenco Station

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Orenco StationIt’s no secret that it’s easy to get from place to place in Portland. Whether you bike, walk, run, Vespa, Max, bus or….gasp!…drive, it’s reasonable to assume you can get where you want to go quickly and safely. This is an inherent advantage of living in the city.

But what happens to those of us who don’t want to live in the city and would rather raise our families in the suburbs? Does the ease of travel go away? Are options severely reduced? Not if you live in Orenco Station!

When I met my wife, I told her I was a city boy. It would take a miracle to move me to the suburbs. We subsequently found an apartment in Orenco Station, just blocks from her work, and I came to rue those rash words.

I work from home which has its advantages…mainly, no commute! The problem is, errands must be run. Can these errands be accomplished without driving? Of course they can…if you live in Orenco Station. Just watch…

My wife texted me at eight thirty and reminded me that I had a doctor’s appointment at nine. I was in bed checking my email and had forgotten all about it. I got out of bed and left my apartment. I crossed the street and found myself in a fancy, yet friendly and cozy, neighborhood with a European vibe. These townhomes and condos with small, manicured yards and quiet streets are imminently affordable, in spite of their luxury.

I walk through and admire the fallen leaves that paint the streets in golds and reds and smile at the dogs strolling the neighborhood with their approachable masters. I walk past the year-round basketball court, past the pool now closed for the winter and after a few minutes; I arrive at my doctors’ office.

I have my appointment and walk a block to New Seasons to get some steak for dinner and then stop at the pet store around the corner for some dog food. I’m home in ten minutes.

My wife calls at noon and asks if I’ve paid the rent. I’ve forgotten and discover that we are out of checks. I walk up the street, parallel to INTEL and cross the road to the bank to get checks. I’m home in ten minutes.

After dinner, my phone rings. It’s my friend, reminding me about the concert at the Backspace in the Pearl District. We walk a half mile to the MAX station, catch a train and are experiencing the joys of slam poetry and Session Lagers in a short while.  We say goodbye to my friends and hopping the MAX. We’re home in ten minutes.

Orenco Station makes it possible to enjoy suburban living with the comforts and conveniences of the city. I was always at home in the city. But, as it turns out, I’m perfectly adaptable—and thriving—in the suburbs.


By Justin Price

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