Lake Oswego

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Lake Oswego is a medium sized suburb located in the northwestern corner of Clackamas County. It’s one of the most affluent suburbs of Portland. It’s within driving or bussing distance of downtown Portland, with convenient access to Highway 217 and Interstate Five, and, like the rest of the city, a short drive from the mountains and the ocean. Amongst numerous attributes, Lake Oswego boasts a stellar library, a beautiful country club, an award winning senior center and schools that rate among the best in the country. Lake Oswego High School fields one of the best football teams in the country, winning several state titles in recent years.

Lake Oswego is equal parts urban and suburban, offering dazzling homes along manmade Oswego Lake, as well as hilltop villas overlooking the city, with generous views of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens.

Today, my wife and I stroll through a European style villa, surrounded by luxury clothing stores and numerous high-end grocery stores. We stroll with ease; Lake Oswego is one of the safest cities in the state. Lake Oswego offers full-service police and fire protection.

We stroll past white townhomes trimmed with brick and stone, mission style mini mansions and large homes that would make film actors marvel. Stone and brick are commonly seen in place of wood on houses. Modern style homes comingle with older farm style houses.

Lake Oswego offers more affordable options as well; traditional ranch style homes, duplexes, comfortable apartments, charming bungalows and Spanish inspired stucco dwellings. There’s something here for everyone, regardless of economic status and architectural preferences.

Recreational options are endless in Lake Oswego. There is a stunning eighteen-hole golf course, a seasonal Farmer’s Market, a City-owned sports center on the Willamette River, an indoor tennis center and one public and one school District swimming facility.  George Rogers Park, among the dozen beautifully manicured parks here, offers river access and numerous hiking trails. Additionally, there are community gardens, off leash dog parks and an outdoor amphitheater right along the river. My son enjoys the fact that there is a skate park. I enjoy the fact that with so many options, my children never run out of things to do, which helps keep them out of trouble.

There are roughly 37,046 residents of Lake Oswego, all with different food palates. Lucky for us, everything from Thai to Middle Eastern to Sushi to upscale fine dining is offered in this fine suburb. My kids especially enjoy the drive-in burger joint and the numerous bakeries, ice cream parlors and coffee houses.

As my wife and I end our daily walk with our Labradoodle, we can’t help but smile. The American Dream is all around us.

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