Kells Irish Pub in Portland

Portland, Oregon is a foodie city. This is no secret. From Thai to Mexican to soul food, Portland has it all and few do it better. So, if you want a night out with the missus, the family, or what have you, you have many options. Sometimes, though, these options are overwhelming.

So, what do you do? Do you stay home?  Or, do you go to Kell’s, a traditional Irish Pub located in Northwest Portland, Oregon near Waterfront Park? Yes. That’s what you do.  No matter where you live or how you travel, Kell’s is centrally located, and housed in a large brick building, is one of the easiest restaurants in Portland to find.

Tom Horan, a famous food blogger known for his Top Ten lists, rates Kell’s as the Number One Irish Restaurant and Pub in the United States. Yes. Not Portland, not the Northwest, but the entire United States! Kell’s has been serving Portland, Oregon for almost twenty-five years. Kell’s is experienced and knows what they’re doing; it shows in their fine cuisine and exceptional customer service.

As my wife and I head downtown for our night out, both of our mouths begin to water at the prospect of Shepherd’s Pie, of mashed potatoes, and of nice Irish Beers.

We look at the menu and smile. Kell’s offers affordable food and large portions. Sure, they have “American” food—hamburgers, salads, chicken strips, mashed potatoes—but we didn’t come here for that. We came here for the Shepherd’s Pie, for the sweet potato fries, for the corned beef and cabbage. This is what Kell’s is known for and this is why it’s one of the most successful and longest running restaurants in all of Portland, Oregon.

Our food comes quickly even though Kell’s is busy tonight and we enjoy people watching between bites of delicious food. Even with the music playing and the conversational din, it’s quiet enough that we can talk with each other. We talk about the ambience, about our week, about our summer plans. After our food is consumed, I ask my wife’s permission to excuse myself. She smiles at me, knowing where I’m heading.

I’m heading downstairs, to the cigar bar. With cigars ranging from the extremely affordable to the sinfully expensive, the cigar lounge is a cozy little nook that everyone should take a peek in, even if cigars aren’t their thing.

Yes, Kell’s, you have it all, and you’re only in Portland, Oregon.

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