Hillsboro Main Library

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Contrary to the rumors, libraries are not dying. They still remain bastions of education, of community, and of books. The Portland/Metropolitan area is filled with them—libraries (and, by default, books) and, the recently renovated Hillsboro Main Library is a shining example of just how splendid libraries can be.

This gigantic library, located in the heart of the technology district of Hillsboro, Oregon, is just a hop skip and jump from Intel and other thriving companies in Hillsboro. The library exudes elegance, charm and continued learning. It’s an easy drive from Orenco Station or downtown Hillsboro and is right across from a Tri Met bus stop as well. The building is large, white and dotted with many huge windows. Hillsboro Main Library offers panoramic views of large evergreen trees, brightly colored deciduous trees, and a pond filled with frolicking ducks and elegant swans.

Inside, you’ll find a small snack bar with tasty sandwiches and a good cup of Joe. Great tasting mochas (at decent prices!) and delicious donuts and other treats also await you. Thanks to the renovations, the library consists of two functional levels. Downstairs, you’ll find a children’s reading area and play place. You’ll find small, private desks offering pond views and quiet work stations. You’ll find deep cushioned chairs and the latest newspapers and magazines. Helpful staff and an in depth catalog, which covers all Washington county libraries, ensure that if you need something, you can get it.

Moving upstairs, the aroma of fresh pine greets you as you enter a wide open space. Here, you’ll find some of the finest fiction and poetry options this side of Powell’s Books. You can also reserve conference rooms and private study spaces. These free study spaces offer a quiet respite from the mild hustle and bustle below.  Soft white walls are lined with tremendous (and purchasable) local art. Everything from realistic oils to trippy mosaics to off the wall abstract pieces—there’s a visual art aesthetic to please everyone.

Libraries like the Hillsboro Main Library provide a crucial public service. They offer quiet places to study; they provide computer usage for those who do not have access to the internet; and they provide the tools for learning and educating oneself. Best of all, they do all this for free. The staff of volunteers at the Hillsboro Main Library is friendly and quick to answer any questions. Truly, Washington County is keeping libraries alive. Stop in for a visit and catch up on your summer reading. Maybe take a quiet day to yourself and enjoy the lush green grass outside and the rich and exciting journeys inside.

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