Fido’s Indoor Dog Park

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When you live in Portland, Oregon, rain is a fact of life. When you live here, you don’t mind it, in fact, you embrace it. It helps us appreciate the warm, sunny days of spring and summer. The rain helps keep Oregon, and Portland in particular, green and vibrant. Outsiders may complain, but we love it.

Portland, Oregon is well known for its dog population. A recent Forbes study showed Portland as being number two in dog population, per capita—trailing only Colorado Springs. From bakeries, restaurants and even hotels catered specifically to dogs and their owners… to pet friendly apartments, condos and numerous dog parks… it’s no wonder that dog lovers around the country desire to make Portland, Oregon their home.

But, the rain must be accounted for. Taking your dog to the park and watching him roll around in mud and guck and can be a messy and cold proposition. If only there was an indoor play place for canines and their owners to get exercise without getting dirty.

It turns out… there is!

Fido’s Indoor Dog Park is the first and only indoor dog park in Portland, Oregon. Really, though, it’s more of a spa for pooches… yet another way for us to spoil our beloved canine companions. The park is climate controlled, and has a pool that can be shared with dogs and dog owners. Yes, this is a community center where all breeds are welcome… from the tea cup Chihuahua to the Burmese Mountain Dog to the Homo sapiens.

Fido’s is filled with trees and bushes, aromatic and colorful flowers, and numerous sitting areas and trails… all under a roof and away from the outdoor elements. Watch your dog run and gallop and frolic in freedom and safety while you socialize with fellow dog lovers. Worried about that deadline coming up at work? Don’t! Fido’s has Wi-Fi throughout so you can let your little furry friend run and run while you check your e mails and prepare reports.

Can’t stay? That’s fine! Fido’s offers boarding services and free webcams so you can check on your dog while you’re on the go. At over 20,000 square feet, Fido’s is big enough to accommodate hundreds of dogs. To top it off, Fido’s is totally green, using only organic foods and cleaners, ensuring the safety of everyone.

Located in the lower southeast side of Portland, Fido’s is easy to get to and affordable to visit. They offer daily rates, monthly rates, and even yearly rates. A tired dog is a good dog, and a well exercised dog is a long lived dog. Portland, Oregon allows responsible dog owners the opportunity to keep their dogs well exercised even in the long winter months.

The next time your dog needs a getaway, consider Fido’s Indoor Dog Park in Portland, Oregon.

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