Farmers Market in the Woodstock Neighborhood in Portland

Woodstock NeighborhoodFarmers’ markets all over this fair city ensure that my family and I always have a plethora of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables on hand. We’re able to enjoy corn, grapes, berries, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, cilantro, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, and all other kinds of nutritious goodness. Plus, let’s face it—farm fresh produce just TASTES better.

Today, I decide to bundle up myself, my wife, the kids, and our dog and make the fun trek from Cedar Hills to the famers’ market in Woodstock. This Southeast Portland neighborhood, located conveniently near Sellwood, East Moreland, Mt Tabor, and Hawthorne, is pretty “rad” as my son likes to say. Whether art is your thing, good music, vintage homes, or a good cup of Joe at Papaccinos, Woodstock has it all. It provides the luxury of a fancy neighborhood, with the practicality of an inexpensive domicile.  Many fine older homes tucked into quiet neighborhood streets reside here among towering conifers and with convenient access to numerous parks, the Multnomah County Library, and public transit, Woodstock is a great place to live. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Portland with some of the homes being built in the 1880′s. Its residents are loyal to the neighborhood with many families living in this neighborhood for generations.

Upon arriving in Woodstock, we easily find street parking. We walk through the quiet streets admiring the houses with their beautiful trees and quaint yards.

At the farmers’ market, we’re greeted by college students from nearby Reed College selling homemade hacky sacks and board games. Young hipster families, elderly folks, and professionals are all smiles as they enjoy this brisk autumn day. Commingling with everyone is a variety of dogs, all of which are greeted by our own dog with whimpers and barks, wanting to play. We promise our pooch we’ll take her to Woodstock Park later so she can run those long legs of hers and burn off some energy.

Here, locals sit on blankets and play guitars, read poetry, and dance. It truly is Woodstock, but without the mud and loud music. The dog runs, our son runs, my wife and I walk leisurely behind. Everyone has a grand time and when we get back to the car to drive home, the dog is panting heavily and our son is ready to crash out.

We make it home and my wife makes a glorious concoction from our newly purchased veggies. A successful and wonderful day thanks to the Woodstock neighborhood and its great farmers’ market.

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