Everyday Music in Portland

Don’t listen to Apple as they flaunt their iPod’s and push you to their iTunes stores. Don’t buy into the convenience of Amazon.com. There’s something about real records, the way they feel, the way they smell, heck, the way they sound. Records, real physical vinyl records (and CD’s, tapes, even 8-tracks) are not dead. At least not in Portland, Oregon. At least not at Everyday Music.

Everyday Music has several locations in the Portland/metro area, including downtown Portland and Beaverton. The downtown location is directly across from the Crystal Ballroom and just two blocks from another store attempting to keep the physical alive, Powell’s Books.

Everyday Music is a one stop shop for all your music needs. From twenty-five cassettes to mid-priced used CD’s to hundred dollar boxed sets, Everyday Music appeals to all demographics, all tastes and, all income brackets.

Everyday Music has everything. Yes, you’ll find Justin Bieber, Metallica, Nickelback, Mumford & Son’s and Taylor Swift here. But, you’re also going to find those rarities. Those local artists you forgot about, those one hit wonders you sing along to at karaoke, even your neighbor’s garage band you didn’t know existed.  That rare, un-off, unauthorized bootleg of a Frank Zappa concert in Reykjavik. Yep.  What about that band you saw at Kell’s the other night? Yep. You’ll find them too, in the Irish folk music section.

It’s also easy to find what you’re looking for. Every genre, sub-genre and sub-sub-genre is here and clearly labeled. There’s a giant room dedicated to just to blues, there’s sections for local artists and there’s even rare imports. And if the labels don’t help you, the staff will. They are exceedingly obliging and knowledgeable. If it exists, they’ll know where to find and they’ll tell you all about it; who produced it, who wrote the songs, who played bass on track three; you won’t stump them. They’ll know.

And, let’s say you have some old music taking up space… take it to Everyday Music! They offer generous buy back rates or store credit. Resting on Burnside near the 405, 26 and just blocks from the Brewery Blocks, Everyday Music is conveniently located. And it’s okay if you just want to listen to tunes and shop without buying anything. Everyday Music just wants to keep music alive and share some fine tunes with you.

So, stop in and have a listen. Enjoy some tunes. Reminisce to some Hall and Oates, remember a club concert you went to in the early 90’s by cranking up local legends Heatmiser, or discover something new like the Super Furry Animals. Everyday Music makes it easy to do those things.

Next time you’re downtown, consider making Every Day Music one of your stops. Your ears will thank you and your wallet won’t complain.

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