Christmas Boat Parade & Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland

My wife is new to the area, and she’s also a natural skeptic. Just try to get something past her, I dare you. You won’t. Don’t even try.

She’s too smart for your tricks, whatever your tricks may be. So, when I told her you could watch Christmas lights floating on the water, she laughed…right in my face. Laughed. I was not pleased, but knew when I inevitably showed her the floating lights, the final laugh would be mine.

The Portland Christmas Boat Parade is now in its 58th year. From any of the three rivers snaking through the city, you can watch a parade of boats decked out for the holiday season. Christmas trees, baby Jesus, Santa Claus, Rudolph; be prepared to see them all!

I check the schedule online and realize I can book a nice dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory on the waterfront. Booyah! We can watch the lights as we partake in fabulous bread and excellent Italian food. The Old Spaghetti Factory may not be uniquely a Portland thing, but I don’t know of any other of these restaurants that have panoramic view of rivers, mountains and city lights while nestled in dark woods and a temperate atmosphere.

As we pull into the parking lot after a short drive from our home in Cedar Hills, my wife’s skepticism and derision reach new heights, but I just smile.

We enter the restaurant and I ask for a window seat, which we’re given. We sit down and munch on bread dipped in balsamic vinaigrette. My insatiable bread appetite that accompanies restaurant visits has reared its ugly head once again.

“I don’t see any Christmas lights,” my wife playfully smirks.

“Just you wait.”

I order lasagna and beer for me and a seafood Alfredo and a nice glass of white wine for her.

“Look honey!” I point, and smile at my wife. ♫“Do you see what I see?”♫….

She glances out the window, and sees ♫ a star…a star ♫…..floating on the river. “What on earth?” I just smile. “What can I say? When I’m right, I’m right!”

She smiles back as she takes a sip of her wine, “So you are.”

We talk little, and just watch the splendor of the holiday season float by us on the glorious Columbia. The holiday season is officially here, and, thanks to the Old Spaghetti Factory, we are able to witness the beauty and splendor of the most wonderful time of the year from a warm and cozy restaurant while enjoying delicious cuisine and guilt-free libations.

We drive home through the city and are pleased to see that the Holiday Spirit has come to visit Portland.


By Justin Price

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