Ox Restaurant-Argentine Inspired Portland Food

Northeast Portland, Oregon is home to OX, a fine dining restaurant with a casual atmosphere. The food is wood fired and inspired by the culinary traditions of Argentina, Italy, Spain and France… with local meats and vegetables for a regional … Continued

Flying Pie Pizzeria

There may not be a kid alive who doesn’t like pizza; it’s also a popular choice for most adults as well. Pizza is one of those things that is just plain hard to mess up—yet equally difficult to do well. … Continued

Beast & Naomi Pomeroy

It’s always fun to see our little section of the world here in Portland, Oregon get recognized on a national stage; when it’s represented for its foodie culture, that’s even better. So when I saw Naomi Pomeroy compete on Top … Continued

Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant

Located at 1201 NW 21st Ave Portland, OR 97209, Marrakesh brings the flavors and culture of Morocco to the Alphabet District of Northwest Portland. Walking into this brightly colored, dimly lit cozy restaurant (light curtains and bright colored blankets line the … Continued

Skyline Restaurant – Bugers & Shakes

Drive up the circuitous Old Germantown Road from Hillsboro or St John’s or up Burnside from the downtown, merge onto Skyline, past miles of lush forest, breathtaking views and the luxurious homes of the Forest Heights and Skyline Ridge neighborhoods, … Continued

The Highland Stillhouse Scottish Pub

You can get a flavor of Ireland in downtown Portland, Oregon at Kell’s Irish Pub. Kell’s offers authentic Irish cuisine and music every night of the week.  If you want to see another country in the UK without packing your … Continued

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