Bridgeport Village

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I’ve spent quite a bit of time in California and always admired the outdoor shopping centers, particularly in Orange County. So, when I came across Bridgeport Village, just a stone’s throw from Lake Oswego, Tualatin, Tigard, and Portland, Oregon, I was immediately impressed by its similarity to those outdoor malls in California.  Bridgeport Village offers all the amenities, luxury and “hipness” of those venues, without a sales tax and at only a fraction of California prices.

There is a fine selection of amenities including apparel for kids and adults, outstanding cuisines, medical services, banking options, an outdoor fountain, a Barnes and Noble, a handsome play structure and ample parking. Bridgeport Village has enough to keep the whole family entertained for hours while spending some quality time outdoors enjoying the sun and company of South Western Portland, Oregon.

When my family and I arrived here last Saturday, we decided that we would meet up in two hours for dinner before heading over to catch a flick on the largest IMAX screen in the state and then watching a free concert at the summer concert series. We huddled up, made our plans, and dispersed. My wife and daughter high tailed it to the nearest clothing stores while my son raced me to the gelato shop. We carried our gelatos over to the bookstore and enjoyed sweet refreshment while we perused the latest book titles and music selections. I tried to explain to my son that books, paper and glue were much better than texting and Kindles. He nodded as he pulled out his iPhone.

I purchased a book and we moseyed over to the outdoor fountain. My son found some friends from school and they started to chat while I cracked open my book and basked in the sun.

Before long, my alarm went off indicating that it was time to meet for dinner. We gathered at a pizza place and my wife and daughter showed up with several bags of clothing and accessories. I cringed, worrying that next month’s mortgage might be in jeopardy, until my wife showed me the receipt. “We found some good deals,” she said. Couple that with Portland’s no sales tax, and Bridgeport Village can turn out some decent bargains.

We chowed down on marvelous pizza and once we were full and content, moseyed over to the theatre and prepared for the awesomeness of a giant movie screen. Vin Diesel brought the action at one hundred times life size. All were entertained. After the film, I asked the kids if they were ready to go home.

“No!” they said in unison. “Free music!”

Each summer, Bridgeport has the summer concert series. The free concerts feature some of the finest local and national acts, usually performing cover songs. This particular night, it was a Beatles cover band. I was beyond impressed by their musicianship and their ability to stay true to the original music. In the glorious setting of Bridgeport Village, my family clapped, and danced and sang along to the music my parents used to listen to.

It was a Saturday I’ll never forget, and it was made possible by Bridgeport Village, in Portland, Oregon.

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