Beast & Naomi Pomeroy

It’s always fun to see our little section of the world here in Portland, Oregon get recognized on a national stage; when it’s represented for its foodie culture, that’s even better. So when I saw Naomi Pomeroy compete on Top Chef Masters, I knew that I had to check out her restaurant, Beast.

Certainly Beast is a strange name for a restaurant. It conjures up a variety of images, from Maurice Sendak’s (sp) Where the Wild Things Are, to Biblical imagery, to horror films, to wild animals. Indeed, the slogan of the restaurant, “Unleash the beast within” tells you all that you need to know—come here ravenous and eat like no one is watching. Beast may be a restaurant of refined tastes, but they do not want you to be shy when your meal comes.

Beast specializes in French cuisine. The dinner menu changes weekly (you can view the updated menu online every Tuesday) and the Sunday Brunch is generally decided upon the night before. It’s this kind of surprise that keeps Beast patrons coming back for more.

No matter what is on the menu, you know it’s going to be cooked to perfection and with the love and care that fine dining Portland, Oregon residents deserve. From simple soups to broiled Frenched Lamb Ribs to fresh green salads to exquisite desserts—Beast has it all and Pomeroy cooks everything with love and pride.

One must also appreciate their candor and honesty. On their website and menu, they let you know that substitutions (except occasionally in case of allergies) are not allowed and that those whom adhere to vegan, pescatarian and vegetarian diets might not be able to enjoy Beast. This kind of honesty saves time and strife and lends itself to respect and admiration.

Unlike some fine eateries, Beast is not stuffy. Books line the walls. Large windows provide ample views and natural lighting and earth-toned walls, soft music and smiling servers provide a playful ambiance that coalesces nicely with the exquisite dining experience.

Come to Beast, but be sure you have plenty of room in your bank account. A six course meal for one is $75 (add $35 if you’d wine or beer with each course). While the price may be steep, you can taste and feel where your money is going. Beast treats you like kings and queens. With so many fine dining experiences in Portland, Oregon, Beast makes you feel at home and welcome. A simple lamp in front of the restaurant guides you in like a beacon.

Come to Beast for dinner Wednesday-Saturday at 6 or 7:45. Sunday Brunch runs from 10-12. Reservations are pretty much a must. Chef Pomeroy showed the world what she could do on Top Chef Masters. Experience it first hand and see if you can tame the beast within you.

Beast is located at 5425 NE 30th Ave Portland, Oregon 97211.

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