Alberta Arts District

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Located in the northeastern part of Portland, Oregon, the Alberta Arts district is a sweet little gem of a neighborhood. The main drag of the neighborhood is Alberta Street and the majority of the businesses lie on Alberta between 12th and 31st. Because everything is compact and close together, the Alberta Arts district is easy to get around in—it is a popular and close knit neighborhood.

Below the thriving businesses is a vast and diverse residential area complete with bungalows, American Foursquares, Dutch Colonials, and Craftsman homes. Generally speaking, the yards are large and the homes are perched atop hilly backyards. Wrap-around porches provide views of the mountains and offer prime seating for people watching. A stroll through the area will reveal painted sidewalks, engraved buildings, and even a goat or two lurking in a backyard. The diverse streets, homes, and pets are emblematic of the wonderful individuals that choose to make Alberta Arts their home.

The district gets its name from the art that resides here, which is often earth-toned and subdued and reflects the diversity of the residents of Alberta. The cultural heritage of Hispanic, Native American, African American and Southwestern cultures is reflected in the various art mediums. All art is proudly displayed each Thursday evening in the neighborhood art walks. This stable and growing district has become one of the most sought after and economically vibrant neighborhoods in all of the Portland/Metropolitan area and would be an exceptional place to make your home.

Fantastic eateries, quality grocery stores, easy transportation, and close proximity to Portland Community College, Concordia University, and downtown Portland help ensure to the Alberta Arts District will continue to grow and thrive. The businesses here do not compete with one another. Instead, they join together in a communal understanding that if one succeeds, all succeed. The neighborhood boasts a friendly and growing economy.

There’s a little bit of everything in the Alberta Arts District but, what really makes this neighborhood thrive, are the people. You won’t find a nicer, more diverse, or culturally rich group of individuals than you will in Alberta. With affordable housing costs, a pleasant ambiance, and a variety of activities, truly Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon is a wonderful place to call home.

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