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Ok. . . Ok, I admit it. I write this Portland Blog for more than just a writing outlet. As a matter of fact, some of the articles written here weren’t even written by me (Rick Sadle). I put this blog together because I’m a local Realtor in the Portland area and I love my city. I also hope that if the reader happens to find value here, that they’ll look to me for answers to their questions.

If you do or don’t ever call me for your real estate needs, I simply hope you love this amazing city as much as I do. Spread throughout the site, you’ll find links to my real estate web site www.AllPortlandRealEstate.com . They are provided so that the reader can take a look at the wonderful home styles here in our area. If you happen to use the site to search for homes, great! If not, that’s great too.


Enjoy the blog.


Rick Sadle

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