The Kenton Neighborhood in Portland

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The historic Kenton neighborhood resides in an urban area of north Portland. The town, which was originally a company town founded for the Swift Meat Packing Company in 1911, now boasts a variety of homes, businesses, and parks that make this one of the most affordable, historic neighborhoods in the Portland/Metro area to purchase a home in.

Numerous soul food joints, sports bars, and vintage stores along with ample public transit access and convenient access to a myriad of grocery stores, Portland Community College’s Cascade Campus, and downtown Portland, make Kenton an incredibly convenient, yet quiet and subdued, place to live.

Kenton is bordered by the north Portland Harbor, I-5, North Lombard Street, North Portland Road, North Columbia Boulevard, and North Chautauqua Boulevard. These borders ensure that Kenton is both easy to navigate in and around. It’s just a few MAX stops and driving miles from downtown, with easy access to the airport and the University of Portland.

Before the start of the last century, the area now known as Kenton, like much of Portland, was a farming community. Companies began to move in and development occurred rapidly. Many of the homes residing here were built around the early nineteen hundreds. The neighborhood has grown slowly but surely over the years and now boasts all manner of homes. Brick mansions, simple ranches, and cozy bungalows intermingle with red brick apartment complexes. Parks dot the area ensuring everyone has easy access to nature, regardless of whether they travel by car, foot, or bus.

The state of Oregon held it’s one hundredth birthday party in Kenton, during which a large statue of the mighty Paul Bunyan was constructed at the intersection of North Interstate Avenue and North Argyle Street (just north of Kenton’s historic business district on North Denver Avenue). The statue was moved and now stands at the corner of North Interstate and North Denver—across from the Kenton/N Denver Max Station and serves a symbol of the neighborhood. On January 28, 2009, the statue was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

With the mighty Paul Bunyan and his trusty Babe the Blue Ox, one cannot visit Kenton without being reminded of the simple past and bright future of Kenton and the city of Portland.


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