Bridgeport Village

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I’ve spent quite a bit of time in California and always admired the outdoor shopping centers, particularly in Orange County. So, when I came across Bridgeport Village, just a stone’s throw from Lake Oswego, Tualatin, Tigard, and Portland, Oregon, I … Continued

Skyline Restaurant – Bugers & Shakes

Drive up the circuitous Old Germantown Road from Hillsboro or St John’s or up Burnside from the downtown, merge onto Skyline, past miles of lush forest, breathtaking views and the luxurious homes of the Forest Heights and Skyline Ridge neighborhoods, … Continued

Voodoo Doughnuts

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We’ve all had doughnuts and other deep fried pastries. Powdered doughnuts, glazed, plain, bear claws, frosted, crème filled, apple fritters, maple bars; the doughnut possibilities are endless. And, police jokes aside, everyone likes them, even if they say they don’t. … Continued

Lavender Festival

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The summer months in Portland, Oregon bring out all the local residents. Music festivals, art walks, the Rose Festival, Cinco De Mayo—all of these highly publicized and populated events build community and add to the myriad of reasons to call … Continued

Hillsboro Main Library

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Contrary to the rumors, libraries are not dying. They still remain bastions of education, of community, and of books. The Portland/Metropolitan area is filled with them—libraries (and, by default, books) and, the recently renovated Hillsboro Main Library is a shining … Continued

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